October 2016
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Emeritus Assembly Logo with Owl

We are an Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, established in 1996 to have a constituency group within NCTE where retired English language arts educators could continue to contribute to the profession in ways that work for those who are no longer working full time.

The goal is to provide an opportunity to gather annually and plan activities, share resources, prepare, propose and present sessions at the NCTE annual convention on topics of interest to the EA and to those who could benefit by our years of experience in the field,  and to mentor those following in this career path.

The EA has been inactive for a few years, but we believe now is the time to revitalize this powerful resource – an assembly of veteran educators. We know that success during the first three years that is critical to retaining new teachers and you have just what is needed – years of experience.
We therefore have begun our revival with an Emeritus and Emerging Educators Mentor Program. This is to be a cohort of retired computer savvy educators connecting with early career teachers who may not have nearby or trusted mentors with the time, experience, and objectivity to “talk” them through their first two or three years of full-time classroom employment.  The EA would help connect you; the conversations would continue online.

This is a collaboration among the Conference on English Educators (CEE), the CEE-Graduate Strand, and the Student Affiliates of the National Council of Teachers of English.

We’ve also launched this website as a place for EA members to share resources, blog about interests of retired ELA educators, and the post links to publications by EA members that are available for purchase on line.

The current officers of EA plan to publish a slate of candidates for election at the Annual Convention of the NCTE.

Please let us know how you’d like to be involved by sending a note in the Comments section below.