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What Makes Healthy Teachers?

October 2015
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balance worklife

Come join the conversation at NCTE 2015 in Minneapolis on Saturday 11/21 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM in Minneapolis Convention Center in a Panel/Round Table format where you’ll hear short statements from a range of novice to veteran educators, then have remainder of time to talk with others to learn and share what works.

The session J.O5 is “What Makes Healthy Teachers?: Mentoring and More. My topic is  Balancing Personal and Professional Lives and this links to slide presentation that you’re welcomed to adapt for use in your school setting.  Other presenters/table leaders include

  • Speaker: Bil Chinn Conference on English Leadership, Alberta, Canada – “Set Aside the Cookie Cutter: Playing Pat-a-Cake with Early Career Educators”
  • Speaker: Anne Hardie Padilla Bowling Green High School
  • Speaker: Meenoo Rami Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – “What do Thriving Teachers Do to More than Survive?”
  • Speaker: Anna J. Small Roseboro consultant, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Speaker: Pauline Walker Oakland University. Auburn Hills, Michigan – Survival Strategies for Today’s English Teacher
  • Roundtable Leader: Antero Garcia Colorado State University, Fort Collins
  • Roundtable Leader: Cindy O’Donnell Colorado State University
  • Respondent: R. Joseph Rodriguez The University of Texas, El Paso


This session is sponsored by the Emeritus Assembly of NCTE.

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